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Dear Native Planet Team Member,

This is the access page into the database for "Indigenous Mapping of Ethic Communities from around the world." From this database, you will be able to enter, change, or delete unique ethic communities' records, etc. The information you enter through the database will not be directly available to the public Internet user. The public however, will be able to view the analyzed data you'd entered in the database, from the Mapping Analysis Homepage.

To successfully access this database, you will need the database password, and a login username/password combo ... which will be provided to you by the project Supervisor Once you have successfully logged in, you will only be able to perform functions that are consistent with your username/password access rights If you have questions on the login procedures, please contact the authorized Supervisor over the IM project.

ENTER Indigenous Mapping Database

When you click the link to enter the database, a file download dialog box will appear. Click the 'Open' button.

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