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"Assimilation" » Process by which an indigenous group was absorbed into, and adopted the dominant culture and society of another group.

Untouched » Indigenous people who experience no or very little contact with the modern world and have not changed any of their lifestyle or beliefs. Very few such communities even exist today.
Nearly Untouched » In contact with outsiders. Might have long-standing trade relationships, but retain all aspects of their culture and lifestyle, including traditional clothing, spirituality and rituals. Unexposed to outside religions and no daily money use.
Traditional » Limited interaction and trade with outsiders. Some exposure to outside religion, but the majority have either not been converted or still practice their own religion despite “conversion”. Most still wear traditional clothing although occasional modern clothing is seen. Subsistence lifestyle with only occasional money use. Fairly Traditional » Retain much of their culture and still live a basically traditional lifestyle, but have contact with the modern world and use money on a daily basis.
Assimilated » Children speak their national language as well or better than their native tongue, which is disappearing. Most wear traditional clothing only on special occasions, and rarely if ever remember and/or practice old rituals. Consider themselves a citizen of their country before being a member of their ethnic group and have generally lost all cultural pride. Most have converted to an outside religion and no longer practice original beliefs. (i.e. Latin America). Completely Assimilated » Indistinguishable from other citizens of their country in both language and lifestyle. Native tongue and rituals have disappeared or are only spoken and practiced by a few elders. (i.e. many Native Americans).
Acculturated » Process by which continuous contact between two or more distinct communities has caused a cultural change. This has happened in one of two ways. The beliefs and customs of the groups merged almost equally and resulted in the single culture. More often, however, one society completely absorbed the cultural patterns of another through a process of selection and modification. This change often occurs because of political or military domination. It may cause considerable psychological disturbance and social unrest. Not Found » If the level of assimilation is not found you should estimate it based on the information you can gather. If there is too little info you may write "not found". No other qualifiers should be used.

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