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We've done a lot of research during the planning stage of our Expedition. The following links are a valuable source of information.




Useful and Interesting Links

Practical Information: Health and Travel

Currency Converter
El Nino Theme Page
Traveller's Bulletin Board
Weather Satelite Image for Today
Walkabout Travel gear

Non-Profit Organizations/Volunteer Opportunities

Rethinking Tourism Project
The Mountain Institute
Fundacion Golondrinas Reforestation project in Ecuador
SAPED Building a path of co-operative Ecological Development in Latin America.
Grupo Osanimi supports Rainforest Conservation and Cultural Heritage Projects
Rainforest Health Project
Jatun Sacha Foundation Ecuador
Jurijuri Ecological Reserve Ecuador
Amanaka Amazon Network
Globetrotters Club UK
American Alpine Club
Volunteers for Peace
University Research Expeditions Program
Conservation International
Survival International
Cultural Survival
Rainforest Action Network
Action Without Borders
The Ecotravel Center
Central American Volunteer Guide (World Wide Wanderer)
International Volunteer Projects
Peace Corps
Global Volunteers


Inca Trail and Peru Travel Information how to organize trek, map of Inca Trail, great links
Amazon 2001 rafting expedition down length of Amazon
Matt's Ecuador Travel Journal 16 day trip to Ecuador
Matt's Travel Journal (another Matt) travelogue written on the road starting Feb. 1st '99
Luke's South American Diary detailed and well presented diary of travels throughout S.A.
Ecoventure Journal
Bert & Sandy's Adventure fishing in Patagonia
Inca Trail description and photos
Mexico to Tierra Del Fuego by Bike
Ben & Carla's Peruvian Adventure

Latin America General

Travel Org - The Directory for Travel, South America
South American Cybercafes
South American Cybertour
Latin American Network Information Center
A Latin World - Latin America on the Net
Eco Travels in Latin America
Cybercafes in the Americas
Sustainable Development and the Americas
Lonely Planet Publications
The Adventure Travel Society
Latin American Online Magazines and Newspapers
Our Americas - weekly report on Latin America
Responsible Coffee Campaign
Worldwide Hostel Guide (tm) - South America
Culture of the Andes
Cornell Andes Project
South America Rec. Travel Library
Volcanoes of South America
Unofficial link page of
Amigos de las Americas
Latin America Traveler
Customs (requirements and procedures) Guide to the Americas


Language Study

Centro de Estudios Interamericanos - Cuenca, Ecuador
Nicaragua Spanish Schools - immersion courses, can arrange volunteer work
Study Abroad
Language and Travel Study Abroad
Latin America Traveler's Spanish Language Schools Directory
Amerispan Unlimited
Abraham Lincoln Cultural Center - Spanish classes/cybercafe. Cuenca, Ecuador
Directory of Spanish Language School
University of California Research Expeditions Program (UREP)
Worldwide Classroom
Spanish for Everyone On-line
Idiomas & Aventuras tour operators/language schools

Driving through Central and South America

Two Americas Circumnavigation Trek
Dave & Sharon's Motorcycle Diaries
Land Rover trip to S.A.
Drive to S.A. and back (for a total of 31,000 miles)
Riding to the Moon, An International Motorcycle Expedition
Driving to Honduras from San Francisco
Sanborn's Insurance Agency

Natural History

The South American Cichlid Study Group
The Tapir Gallery
Andean Botanical Information System


South Wind Adventures Andes, Amazon and Galapagos trips
Sacred Earth trips selected for their ethnobotanical content, close to nature approach, ecological sensitivity and/or support for indigenous and local communities.
Vilaya Tours trips to Chachapoyas, Peru
Equatorial Excursions gateways to adventure and business in Ecuador
Tambo Tours trips to Peru
Tribes Travel offers environmentally sensitive trips run in cooperation with local communities worldwide.
ExitoLatin America Travel
R.O.W. Ecuador rainforest rafting
Surtrek (Ecuador)
Guatemala Adventure Travel
Inca Empire Adventure
Grupo Yeja
Adventure Sports
Adrift - Whitewater rafting
Magical Journey
Giga Tourism of Brazil
Tawantinsuyo Explorations

Central America

Guatemala web page directory very extensive site
You Better Belize it! lots of information, chat room etc.
Ben & Carla's Belize Bonanza
Oaxaca, Mexico - lots of information!

Individual Countries in South America


The Summit of Aconcagua
A 12,000 Mile Bicycle Tour for the Environment
Buenos Aires where steaks are an art form
Pictures of Argentina
Evita Peron Historical Research Foundation


Travel to Bolivia "a humble little guide to travel in Bolivia"!
An Insider's Guide to Bolivia
Bolivia Web
The Bolivian Music Page
Torino Cybercafe in La Paz


GORP - Brazil Resource Listing
Brazil Environmental Sites
A Taste of Brazil
Mountain Voices -- Climbing information (Portuguese)


Easter Island
Crucero Australis (Navimag)
Alta - Chilean Airline
Lanchile - Chilean Airline
Map of Chile For Chile Cities and Hotels in Chile


Move to Colombia a guide to travel and work in Colombia
Friends of Colombia site of returned Peace Corps Volunteers
Colombia Tourist Guide
Colorado University Latin-American Student Organization lots of information on Colombia
Cartagena International Film Festival
Colombia Support Network
Republic of Colombia
U.S. Consular Info Sheet

Ecuador (see Galapagos Islands below)

Casa Mojanda - beautiful retreat near Otavalo
Climbing Sangay
Ecuador Explorer - Ecuador Guide
FunkyFish -Ecuador Guide
Casa Sol - hotel in Quito
Monkey Online cybercafe in Quito
Anthropology Museum - Banco Central
Archaeology in Ecuador
Atlas - Ecuador
Blowgun Hunters of the Ecuadorian Amazon
Buffons Macaw in Ecuador
Cuenca Homepage
Embassy of Ecuador Gopher, Ottawa, Canada
Embassy of Ecuador, Washington, D.C., USA
Environmental Groups - Ecuador
Indigenous Peoples in Ecuador
Jumping Spiders of Ecuador
Maquipucuna Reserve
Parques Nacionales en el Ecuador
Rio Blanco - Indigenous Ecotourism and Sustainable Development
Servidores de Informacion WWW y gopher
Spectacled Bears
Volcanic Predictions - Cotopaxi
Volcanoes of Ecuador
Warriors of the Amazon - The Last Shaman
Universities of Ecuador

Galapagos Islands

Destination: Galapagos Islands a cyber field trip
Origin of the Galapagos Islands a photo essay
Wildlife of the Galapagos Islands
El Nino in the Galapagos Islands
Virtual Galapagos
The Galapagos Coalition
Atlas - Galapagos
Charles Darwin Research Station
Travel Channel - Galapagos


U.S. Consular Information Sheet
The Absolutely Unofficial Home Page of Paraguay
Direccion General de Turismo
Guarani Mailing Lists
Paraguay para todos
Guarani Home Page and Interactive Dictionary
Recipes from Paraguay


The End of a Legend? site promoting awareness of the proposed cable car and hotel plans for Machu Picchu
Virtual Tour of Peru and Machu Picchu
Transportes links to Peruvian airlines, bus and car rental companies
Sacred Earth lots of great travel info, notes on national parks, and ethnobotany
Exploring Lost Civilizations
Huarochiri: A Peruvian Culture in Time
Descendants of the Incas great site with lots of information about weaving
La Posada del Parque hotel in Lima
Online Reservations for hotels, car rentals and so on
Hike the Andes
World Wide Web Server of Perú
Plants of the Machiguenga
Ice Mummies of the Inca
Miraflores, Tourist City
Peru Tourist Guide
Rumbos On-line Magazine
Project Amazonas Peru
Nazca Lines
New websites (updated each month)


Angel Research Collection (the Epic Saga of Jimmie Angel)
Venezuelan Amazon Trip Report
Venezuela on the Web
Venezuela Images of Natural Beauty Postcards.
The Magazine of Margarita Island
Venezuela by Motorbike
Windsurfing El Yaque, Margarita Island

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Mexico Amigos de Baja's Baja Net (A wealth of information !) Amigos de Baja's Tropical Hurricane Center Baja California, Mexico - A Resource Guide for Travelers Mexico's Baja California Directory Baja Expeditions - Whale Watching - Sea Kayaking - Scuba Diving SouthWest Kayak Center - Ed Gillet is our main source of information for Baja Baja Links - Mexico's Baja California Directory


Belize The Belize Tourist Board

Honduras   LANIC - Honduras (lots of information) Honduras - Resources Honduras, Honduran Notebook (information and links)

Nicaragua LANIC - Nicaragua (lots of information)

Panama (lots of information)

Nature Crocodile Specialist Group

Weather/Storms/Hurricanes Amigos de Baja's Tropical Hurricane Center This page provides access into the background, status and documentation for NASA's global ocean color monitoring mission called SeaWiFS. (a great page for satellite pictures of Hurricanes) BAJA satellite picture National Weather Service - Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN) Interactive Weather Information Network - World Weather (not for all areas yet) The Yellow Book Online - Health information for International Travel 1996-97

Health The Yellow Book Online - Health information for International Travel 1996-97

Many more links on our health pages: Diseases and Malaria


Lacandon Maya Indians HACH WINIK - The Lacandon Maya communities

Garifuna GARIFUNA related Web links

Kuna Los Kunas (Spanish)

Indigenous Peoples (General) Native People Magazine history and myths of Latin America Indians and others) Latin America, Historical Text Archive LANIC - Indigenous Peoples Native American Knowledge Resources on the Internet The Latin American Alliance

NGOs and Eco-Tourism NGO'S COUNTRY DIRECTORY (Great Resource!) Ecotourism Reference Links Cultural information about various countries Ecotourism Reference Links Survival - Pour les Peuples Indigenes (French)

Misc. Ethnologue: Languages of the World - Name Index lists over 39,000 language names, dialect names, and alternate names CHILDREN OF THE EARTH, INC.  NATURE AWARENESS SCHOOL

On-line Publications OneWorld Magazine



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