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  Foraging for food   Survival at Sea

Dangerous Sea Life   (Worldwide)
Tropical Diseases
A Scary Shark Encounter   (Story by J-Philippe Soule)
Sharks   (Marine Biology)


  Foraging for food   Food

Coconut Tree Climbing Technique  (Best Water Source in the Tropics)
Opening and preparing Conch   (Belize)
Edible Plants found on Tropical Beaches   (Central America)
Edible Plants found in Tropical Rainforests  (Central America)
Trapping Birds (Mayan Techniques)
Trapping Ground Moles (Mayan Technique)
Bamboo Survival Cooking   (Thailand)


  How to stay protected from the elements  Shelter (From Cohune Palms, Belize)

 Fire making, an essential skill  Fire (Photos from Irian Jaya)

 Fire making, an essential skill    Other 

The most important trees in the life of the Mentawais
Bows, arrows and poison  (Mentawai)


  Getting Water  Water

 The secrets of Natural Medicine  Medicine

Sikeirei, the Mentawai Medicine Man (text and photos)
Medicines (text)  (Mentawai)

 The art of making things in nature  Object Making

 Everything else  Other (suspended bridges in Irian Jaya)

Hey Luke, I'm cooking dinner!


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Irian Jaya A Land Of Contrast, Mystery And Adventure (A solo expedition in the rainforest. Story published in Wilderness Way Magazine in January 98).

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If you haven't seen it yet, don't miss the Central American Sea Kayak Expedition 2000 (3 years and 5000 miles paddling the wilderness to document the lifestyle of Indigenous people in Central America)


Wilderness Way Magazine Online

Ron Hood, one of the master

Medicinal and Poisonous Plant database

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Simply Survival: The Art of Adapting

Equipped to Survive

An excellent Scouting resource

Backwater Trails

The Outdoor Experience


Central American Sea Kayak Expedition 2000

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