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Found on Tropical Beaches


There are many plants and trees that can be used as a source of food on tropical beaches. Here are a few we came across during our trip.

Sea Purslane
(Sesuvium Portulacastrum)

This plant is found in abundance on many tropical beaches. All parts are said to be edible either raw or cooked as greens. It bears a white flower.

Sea Purslane bordering the beach   ;   Focus on a stem   ;   J-Philippe eating the plant

Sea Grapes

These grapes looking fruits grow from a tree. The fruits or flowers are easy to recognize (view photos below). Fruits are eaten when ripe (reddish color). They are sweet but contain a large seed.

Sea Grape (fruit)   ;   Sea Grape Flower

Geiger Tree
(Cordio Sebestena)

Bright orange flowers found in bunches produce a small white fruit which is sweet and edible.

Geiger Flower   ;   Geiger fruit (unripe)

(Chrysobalamus Icaco)

The kernel of the large seed is edible and has a nut like flavor. The Garifuna strung the seeds on thread and burned them like a candle.

(Portulaca Oleracca)

Flat, reddish or dull green leaves are good. The fruiting capsules open by a lid. The plant is cooked and eaten in many countries.

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