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Adventure and Epicure

CASKE 2000 is a challenging three year odyssey, that will take us to the most remote regions of Central America but that doesn't mean we won't eat well. Luke is a Chef!

In Outdoor Cooking he creates new and surprisingly simple camping cuisine that will fill your next trip with savory memories. His packing suggestions for your mess kit will lighten your load and enlighten your palate. He shares his best recipes with you.    

When in town he switches to the role of gourmand and sleuth. Join him as he unwraps some of the best kept culinary secrets of Central America for your delight and curiosity in the Regional Dishes.

Make sure you email him after trying some of his recipes at: [email protected]

Photo by Jean-Philippe Soule

OUTDOOR COOKING--making the most with the least and roughing it in style

Outfitting your camp kitchen

My recipes from Baja

My recipes from Belize

My recipes from Honduras


Mayan Specialties

Honduran Specialties



Email Luke at: [email protected]


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