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CASKE 2000
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Central American Sea Kayak Expedition -  Power Kites

Traction Kites aren't new, but traction kiting on snow is. With a two-line kite, we can ski at high speed and tack upwind like sailboats. This new type of traction kite with inflated sponsoon also allows usage on water. After kite-skiing the snowy Northern Japan beaches, we are taking our traction kites to Central America for our Sea Kayak Expedition. We will test two-line traction kites to sail sea kayaks. Don't miss the first photos and follow our progress as we perfect the expedition sea kayak kite sailing technique.

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Power kite (skiing) on a snowy beach of Hokkaido, Northern Japan, 1998


San Diego kite training prior to our Expedition departure, 1998

Kite SDs.JPG (22662 bytes) Kite SD1s.JPG (18564 bytes)

Belize, Kite Kayaking Test, Spring 1999

JP on the first long distance kite kayaking attempt

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JP with the kite pulling two kayaks

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