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CASKE 2000 Sponsors

Mexico to Panama - 3 years and 4000 miles
by Sea Kayak October 1998 - December 2001


First developed for mountaineering, Lowepro’s world-leading photo, video and electronics bags, packs and cases are famous for innovation, quality and reliability. Available in over 80 countries.

Lowepro Trekker AW series, The best Camera Backpacks ever made. Their Omni bag series also fit perfectly in Pelican Waterproof containers. "When I travel, I rough it. I haul my equipment with me at all times, through any conditions, whether kayaking, trekking or riding. While shooting for six hours in a crowded market, there’s nothing I’d rather use to tote all my gear than the Photo Trekker." Jean-Philippe



Extensis is a leader in Photo and Graphic Design Software. Jean-Philippe uses their Portfolio software to archive all his slides in a digital format and keep track of all the high resolution files saved on hundreds of CDs. "I recommend it to anyone working with large digital file libraries. It has made my life so much easier.” Jean-Philippe also uses Mask Pro, a nice plug-in for Photoshop. It makes masking much easier and more precise.

Pantone - ColorVision

When you really want to get your prints to match what you see on your screen, I recommend Colorvision products. I use their Spyder sensor and their software OptiCal to calibrate my monitor before color-correcting photos to the US prepress standard. These are invaluable tools if you want your prints to look like what you see on your screen, or if you want to prepare professional files for publishing

Banner 10000146, is the leader of the pack in outdoor equipment, and has produced many of the products we use for CASKE 2000. All our camping and some of our kayak equipment was sponsored by REI.

To know more, we invite you to click on their link, or directly directly search their site for equipment. Type in the type of equipment or brand you are looking for in the following box:

 Or you can look for bargains directly from the link bellow:

Outdoor Gear on Sale at!

HIBA (Hokkaido International Business Association, a Japanese non-profit organization*) and Voicenet (Internet service provider) are hosting this website for the full duration of CASKE 2000.
One of the challenges for CASKE 2000 was to find a provider that could handle our numerous pages and constant updates of new stories and photographs.

* HIBA is a non-profit organization for the promotion of
friendship, exchange of information, trade and business within Hokkaido and internationally.    E-mail:  [email protected]

* Voice International Corporation aims is to create a useful and user-friendly network which incorporate internet with traditional methods of interaction. It aims to provide a new forum for communication, information exchange, business, fun, etc. through custom technology developed for its members.    E-mail:  [email protected]

To know more, we invite you to click on their link.

Seaward Kayaks

The second half of the expedition takes us through the big waves of the Pacific. Rougher conditions require tougher equipment. For us the Seaward "Vision" kayak is the only solution. The kevlar-reinforced hulls with bow guards and all the trappings will withstand all the punishment we give them. The largest storage capacity in the entire Seaward line of boats allows us to pack all our gear for a year and a half. Check our photo galleries to see the boats in action and contact Seaward or your nearest dealer to take a test  ride. 

Seaward Kayaks, LTD.
PO. Box 2026
610 Oyster Bay Drive
Ladysmith, British Colombia
V9G 1B5 Canada

Email: [email protected]

Garmin.jpg (3761 bytes)


On clear nights ancient mariners looked to the stars for navigation. Now, anytime, any weather, any place, satellite links materialize in the palm of your handheld GPS and guide you to your destination. We will depend on Garmin as our Northstar leading us to all points on our 3 year odyssey.

CASKE 2000 is happy to welcome DataZone corporation as a new product sponsor. With all the website designing and photo editing we do on our small palmtops, we had reached our maximum hard drive capacity. I was looking for the best and safest way to store more data and still be to transport it easily in our kayaks. The DataBook was the best choice. We received an 8 GB storage device which is fast, shock-resistant and portable.
We highly recommend the DataBook. For more information contact DataZone directly at:

DataZONE Corporation
23 Las Colinas Lane
San Jose, CA 95119
Toll Free: 1-888-660-8688
Tel: (408) 360-8688
Fax: (408) 360-8088

Paddle logo.gif (5486 bytes)

Lightning Paddles

Lightning Paddles makes high quality, lightweight, and very tough paddles for whitewater kayaking, canoeing, and sea kayaking.

Lightning Paddles, Inc.
22800 South Unger Road
Colton, Oregon 97017
(503) 824-2938 Telephone
(503) 824-6960 Fax

Email: [email protected]

pelican prod.gif (5490 bytes)

Pelican Products

Our communications gear is more important than food. The website must go live from the jungle and the cameras, phone and laptop must stay dry. With Pelican cases we are worry free, even with those unplanned Eskimo rolls. Check out the cases in action in our Photo Gallery and on the Pelican Homepage.

Pelican Products, Inc.
23215 Early Street
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 326-4700

jbl.gif (5222 bytes)


Combing the depths of the Pacific and Caribbean for dinner armed with the 38 Special Speargun, we are sure to be well fed. Why eat dehydrated stroganoff on your next kayak camping trip?

Powerful and accurate, our JBL guns are literally our most important lifeline. Check them out on the JBL Homepage.

426 W. Almond Ave.
Orange, CA 92866

Email: [email protected]

kyocera.gif (3109 bytes)


The Inca people worshipped the sun, so will we. Harnessing its rays with Kyocera Unisolar panels we will recharge our communications gear while we paddle. Flexible and waterproof these panels will get juice to our batteries while we splash around. Ra Ra Ra!

Kyocera Solar, Inc.
7812 East Acoma
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

fuji.gif (3351 bytes)

With the new MX-500 digital camera we are now ready to upload photos from our expedition. With a resolution of 1.5 Mega Pixels we will send photos directly to magazines. Check out our Photo Galleries.

Visit feathercraft

For the first half of the expedition, with support from Feathercraft, the CASKE 2000 kayaks were customized for kite sailing and made ready for the ultimate expedition.
For 3500 kilometers and a year and a half, our kayaks were our homes, our transportation and our companions as we overcame numerous obstacles. We took them through the wildest areas of Baja and the Caribbean coast. Check out the photo galleries to see them in action. 

To know more, we invite you to click on their link.

Follow this link to view our K1 Expedition Kayaks in Action

lighthouse.gif (4611 bytes)

Pacific Northwest Divers, check out Lighthouse for your next diving classes or excursions. Ligthouse equipped us with the latest titanium, non-corrosive diving knives and other diving accessories.

5421 196th Street SW #6
Lynnwood, WA 98036
(425) 771-2679
Toll Free: (800) 777-DIVE (3483)
Fax: (425) 771-5959

clifbar.gif (3255 bytes)

Clif Bar

Fueled with a selection of Clif Bars we will power our way through 5000 miles of waves and wind. Optimize your energy output on your next long trip. With a Clif Bar and coffee, we will start the next 1000 days. Choose a flavor, start your day and get out there.

AEA International

AEA International provides a wide spectrum of high-quality medical services for travelers and expatriates around the world, including routine exams, emergency evacuations, medical consultations and pre-travel health advisories.

Phone: 206-340-6000
Fax: 206-340-6006

Email: [email protected]

FiveTen_logo.gif (1102 bytes)
Five Ten

Taking climbing shoe grip technology to the water, Five Ten has created the ultimate paddling shoe. Low-profile for ease in the boat, an easy-draining upper and a sole that lets you walk across weed-covered rocks with confidence, its your only choice for footwear. Throw out the aqua sandals these are what you need.

Boulter small.JPG (11501 bytes)
Boulter of Earth

The Driftstopper sea-anchor is just that. When you need to hold your ground in large surf and deploy a safety device with minimal effort and still maintain a grip on your paddle, here's the long lost solution. We will also employ the Driftstopper as a tool to help us remain static while we launch our power kites. Pull it in with one hand and sail away.

Alan Boulter
Boulter of Earth
46 Sussex Road
Washington Township, NJ07675
Tel. 201 722-0033
Fax 201 722-1587
[email protected]

gerber.jpg (2869 bytes)


All the tools you need in the palm of your hand. Easily packable and durable, you'll find them indispensable on that next long trip when repairs are crucial and space is limited.

Princeton2.JPG (14630 bytes)


Lighting the way from Atlantis to Mt. Everest. From night diving for lobsters to hacking our way through the Mosquito Coast Jungle, the Tec Solo headlamps will light our path.

P.O. Box 8057
Trenton, NJ. 08650
Tel: 609-298-9331
Fax: 609-298-9601  

tdklogo.gif (897 bytes)


TDK, well established in the Audio/Video industry, has joined the telecom. game.  Thanks to the TDK modem cards and customer support for each country on our itinerary, CASKE 2000 is live from the field.

teleladapt.gif (3441 bytes)


TeleAdapt are the world's premier supplier of connectivity solutions for the laptop traveler. They can ensure connection of a laptop computer and modem to the power and telephone systems in countries across the globe.

Meet our sponsor    

SeaCanoe's expert instructors provided CASKE 2000 with the training necessary to overcome all the ocean's challenges throughout our journey.

To know more, we invite you to click on their logo.

Do you want to become a sponsor? contact us now by email

Our book is currently being edited and should be published in 2004.
We invite you to enter your email to be notify of its release:

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