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Adventure and Epicure

Making the Most with the Least:
Outfitting your Camp Kitchen for On the Road Gourmet Cuisine

The Camp Stove: crucial item #1

-You need a stove with a simmer control! Those super lightweight mountain stoves have one setting, full blast. They will get your water to full boil in under three minutes, but the only things they are good for are powdered drinks and pasta.                           

-MSR makes a few different models with simmer control. They still work great for full-blast boiling and you can saute or simmer sauces with subtlety.

*Turn your campstove into an oven: flexible aluminum chimney wraps may be purchased along with the stove. By fitting it around the base of the stove and snug up to the top of your pot you trap heat and conserve alot of energy. On the lowest simmer setting I have had success baking. Place a lid on the pot, wrap the foil around the pot as tightly as possible and sit back and enjoy the smells of fresh baked brownies or cornbread.

Packing it Up:  How do I organize my implements?

-Buy the REI Camp Kitchen for larger groups or the Kitchen Lite for a two or three person team.

The REI Camp Kitchen Lite is perfect organizational tool, very packable and lightweight. It contains table ware, spatula, wisk, bottles for oil and vials for spices, sponge, etc.


The Spice Kit

NOTE: not all your spices will fit in the camp kit bag. Use film canisters or small plastic bags for the remainder and keep in a large ziploc.

ESSENTIALS: olive oil, salt, pepper, basil, oregano, sage, rosemary, garlic powder

ASIAN TWIST: curry powder, garam marsala, ginger, soy sauce, cinnamon

EXTRAS: fresh garlic, ginger root, limes, chicken bullion cubes, *chile paste, milk powder, nips of  whiskey, vodka or rum  ("medicinal purposes" and for livening up sauces).

*chipotle adobado (Mexico) or tobanjan (Asia) add kick and a little extra something (vinegar etc) to sauces.


Optional Extra Equipment that Makes Life Easier

-Kitchen Knife: short 6-8 inch thick blade, will make your mincing, chopping and fileting so much easier. Struggle with a jacknife for a few weeks and see what I mean.
*sheath for knife can be constructed out of cardboard and duct tape

-Cutting Board: 8 inch plastic board can be bought in most supermarkets and doesn't take too much space in the pack. Much easier than using a plate or pot lid. I learned the hard way.

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