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CASKE 2000

Expedition Equipment List and Reviews for the 3 year Sea Kayak Expedition


We will soon post a detailed equipment list describing why we chose specific equipment and how it met our specific needs and performed in extreme conditions. In addition we will introduce our sponsors and the equipment they provided us. View a photo of some of our gear

The most useful and best performing gear in Baja

  • The paddles from Lightning paddle

  • The water bags from MSR

  • The Nemo shoes from Five Ten

  • The ultralight sleeping pads from Cascade Designs

  • The Goretex Bivi Sacs from REI

What we could have or should have left behind for the Baja stage. The worst performers!

  • Folding wheel cart (Feathercraft)

  • Aquaseal Camera Housing

  • Tropic Sprayskirts (great the first month, died the second)

All the Gear by category

Kayak Gear

  • Feathercraft K1 Expedition Kayak

  • Paddle: Lightning Paddle, Ultra light carbon

  • Spare Paddle: Lightning Paddle, Ultra light carbon

  • Bilge pump (Feathercraft)

  • Spray skirt: REI Tropic

  • Sea Sock: Feathercraft (essential for folding boats without bulkheads. The mast tube in the middle is in the way).

  • Deck Bag: Sealine (Cascade Design)

  • Paddle Float

  • Sea Anchor: Drift Stopper (Boulter of Earth)

  • Life Jacket: Lotus Sherman

  • Shoes: Five Ten Nemo

  • SeaWings

  • Marine Compass: Ritchie Kayaker

  • Map Case

  • Bungees, spiders nets and straps

  • Folding wheel cart (Feathercraft)

  • Full Repair and Maintenance Kit

  • Bags to carry it all (drybags, mesh bag, sealine belt bags, 1 large duffel bag) and Pelican Waterproof cases

Camping Gear

  • Tent

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Sleeping Pad

  • Bivi Sac

  • Cooking Gear and Food

Freediving and fishing Gear

  • Speargun, shafts, tips and bands and polespears, stringers

  • Fins, booties, masks, snorkels, ankle weights, weight belt, wetsuit, hood, gloves, Knives

Communication and Technology

  • Computer, modem, acoustic coupler, adapters

  • Solar Panels, batteries, AC inverter

  • Video, SLR camera, Housings, films, tapes, batteries

  • Pelican Waterproof cases

Navigation, First Aid and Survival

  • GPS

  • Compass

  • spare plate compass

  • VHF Radio

  • Strobe lights

Traction Kite

Clothing and Toilette kits

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