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CASKE 2000
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About us

Native Planet

This site is sponsored by Native Planet, a non-profit organization (NGO) that works to empower traditional indigenous communities, and help protect indigenous culture. Native Planet also aims at sensitizing and inspiring its readers.

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CASKE 2000

The Central American Sea Kayak Expedition was Native Planet first project. It started with a three and half year expedition paddling 4000 miles from Mexico to Panama to document the remaining indigenous cultures . The aim was to use adventure travels to generate a strong reader base, and introduce cultural information to sensitize the general public on the beauty of indigenous culture and the importance of preserving them. One year before the end of this expedition, it evolved into the Native Planet.

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Travel Photography

"A photo is worth a thousand words", if this sounds cliché, then you haven't seen our photo galleries. Our photos is what originally drew traffic to our and sites. It is our powerful weapon to touch people's heart. Jean-Philippe Soule, founder of the NGO and author of both sites, started a "Around the World in a Viewfinder", a Travel photo company from which a large amount of the profits are used to fund Native Planet's projects. His galleries are stunning.

Around the World in a Viewfinder

We're also launching new photo galleries to feature the work from many other photographers from around the world. If you ever wanted to showcase your travel photos to a large audience, or just take a fascinating travel tour from your computer, this is the place to visit: (coming soon).

Ecotourism, Tours and Guides

Good Cultural Ecotourism is one of Native Planet's key elements to preserve traditional cultures. Native Planet promote sound cultural ecotourism, offers consulting, produce guidelines, and develop and promote Cultural Tourism operations initiated by Indigenous People. To learn more about Ecotourism visit our section at

Native Planet sponsors a few Cultural Ecotourism projects, which we highly recommend, but there are many others which might be worth considering, we're launching a new page to feature some of these Cultural Ecotours that have been recommended to us or that we believe might be good. We'll also launch a Forum for people to post feedback and will remove the ones that receive more than a reasonable amount of negative feedback. So if you're thinking of taking an ecotour where a Native Planet sponsored Tours isn't available, you could find what you're looking for on this page.

Coming Soon!

World Expeditions & Travel Resources.

Due to the popularity of the CASKE2000 website, and to the numerous great feedback we've received, we decided that CASKE2000 should not stop at the end of our expedition. There are many other fascinating adventure-travel, cultural and scientific expeditions, and we plan to soon feature some of the best on our site. We're also developing a Travel Resources section to answer the numerous requests for information we regularly receive on both the and websites.

Also view our page for additional Travel Resources and Information.

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