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Heraldo's Traps: the Mopan Mayan techniques of Blue Creek (Toledo District, Belize)



Trap Preparation

Heraldo taught us two trapping techniques for birds.

Wood Cage


Animals Trapped by people in Blue Creek

Heraldo sets traps when he has time. That means when work in the field doesn't take all his time. Like most people in Blue Creek, Heraldo and his family survive from their farm, and what they gather from the forest. Trapping can bring a nice supplement to the staple food. He usually traps the following animals: birds (mainly pigeons), and Pacas (also called locally Gibnuts) for their meat. He also traps Large Pocket Gophers because they destroy most of the crops. Villagers also feed on other animals which they hunt.


Wood cage 1  ;  Wood cage 2   ;  Rope 1  ;  Rope 2  ;  Bird caught  ;  Kid


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