Kekchi Indians and Mopan Mayas People

In Belize, there are 3 indigenous groups represented among the more than half dozen ethnicities, the Kekchi Indians, Mopan Mayas (often refered to just as the Mayas), and Garifuna   people. This page focuses on the Mayan and Kekchi Indians.

In the following pages, we will feature various subjects such as, History and Archeological sites, Culture and Lifestyle, Survival Skills, Eco-Tourism and Local Guides and our Photo Gallery.

History and Archeological Sites

Introduction - Who are the Kekchi Indians and Mopan Mayan People today? Where do they come from?

Tikal Text and Photos

Copan (Summer 99)

We chose Blue Creek (Belize) for a case study

Culture and Lifestyle in Blue Creek

Farming and Food Preparation

  • Other crops include: Corn, Rice, Cassava, Coffee, Crabou, Cashew Nuts, etc.

Art and Crafts


Making Crafts: Cohune Palm Fan

Children and Education - The Future of Blue Creek

Subsistence from the Rainforest (Survival Skills)

Edible Plants from the Rainforest

Finding Clean Water in the Rainforest

Hunting and Trapping

Shelter Making

Eco-Tourism & Local Guides in Blue Creek

The Rainforest, Fauna, Flora and Ecology




Photo Gallery



Note: Background photographs and design by Jean-Philippe Soule 1997

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