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CASKE 2000 Friends


Although the planning of CASKE 2000 started two years before the departure date, the past year involved tremendous work. It has occasionally been frustrating (with computers, lack of information, finding sponsors, deadlines to meet, etc.), but mostly it has been filled with exciting developments. CASKE 2000 has dominated our lives for the full year prior to departure but the great investment of time and energy will pay off for the next two and a half. The project has not only affected us, but all the people around us who helped in many ways. Without their efforts, understanding, encouragement and generous contributions of time and information, CASKE 2000 would have not have become a reality. It isn't possible to list all the people who have helped us, but in this page, I would like to express my gratitude to all. Thanks a lot for all the support you have given us.

Website Team and Support

The first people I should list are the ones working in the technical trenches on the website behind the scenes, webmasters assisting in production and  translating the huge amount of information on this site into other languages.

Randal Irwin, Web technical support (all languages) and Server Master

Harumi Nishiyama, Japanese Webmaster and main translator

Julie Malivel, French Webmaster and main translator

Ritsuko Nakajima, Japanese translation

Zamon Kingi, a kindred adventurous spirit, he introduced me to HTML coding last year.

Curtis Ajmani, He helped me fix a few bugs in the site and taught me more about HTML

The Kayak Instructors

Believe it or not, in April when we left Japan, I had never sat in a kayak and Luke had minimal experience. We needed expert instruction and a lot of time and attention. We are indebted to the following people:

John "Caveman" Gray, who invited us in Thailand for 2 1/2 months of training and taught us much about the ocean, waves, and meteorology.

Dave Williams, He took us step by step from the basic strokes, to a good expedition forward stroke, brace techniques, and the eskimo roll. We also experienced our first capsizes, endos, and trashing in the waves with him. (Read: First Roll)

Ed Gillet, taught us what we needed to know about surfing. It's impressive to see the master at work! Ed also helped us a lot with all the planning for our first leg in Baja

Roy Bachmeyer, philosophical guidance and dynamite eskimo roll  training in Thailand.

Ken, Instructor at Southwest Kayaks, Ken took us for our first thrashing in the surf and showed us the ropes.

The Ground Team

These folks are all the people behind the scenes. They are the links that tie the whole network together and are crucial to the success of CASKE 2000.

Eddie Dinkins, We met Eddie in San Diego and the second time we met, he had already offered his house for us to stay just prior to our departure, all his computer equipment and phone to use, and amazingly, a ride to San Felipe to take us with all our gear to the Start of CASKE 2000. It's a very long drive! Muchas gracias amigo!

Percy Newby, When we arrived in Seattle we needed to do much work on the computer and on the phone (website and sponsor). Percy generously offered his apartment with his computer, scanner, and phones for 4 weeks. It helped so much!
We call him "Instructor Gadget". From solar panels to sealed batteries, he is the expert who helped us figure out our electrical needs.

Clara Bui, We stayed in Seattle longer than planned, no kayaking in Canada, just more work. Clara offered us her house for 3 weeks. You can imagine that the phone line was busy 16 hours a day! Also I will always be grateful to Clara for inspiring me and supporting me. Without her support and trust in me when I first moved to the States, I would probably not be where I am today (JP).

Hui-Ying Lesage, A medical doctor, she did extensive research on health risks, what we would be exposed to, and compiled a great list now on our website (click here).

Jim Lesage, No matter what the problem is, Jim always has some wise advice, be it to seek sponsorship, try equipment, climb coconut trees or other. Jim is also helping by receiving my important mail and keeping my documents during my absence.

Dianne Shullenberger, Luke's mom was very encouraging and showed so much interest in my pictures that I asked her to be our Photo Specialist. This means that she will receive all our photos (slides), process them, select the best, make duplicates, send them to magazines for publication with our articles and store all the originals. A lot of work, and my photos are my life! (or as important).

John Shullenberger, Luke's dad helped us file our request to become a Non-Profit Organization while we were still training in Thailand. As it is a long process, he will also follow up with this task during the expedition.

Martin Murphy, In Japan, we worked together. This means that Martin had to hear my stories continously. Instead of getting tired, he was always there to support me and re-focus me on the essentials. He also helped me critique and edit my first article. It was a learning experience.

Steve Strugnell, A great critic, but also a great motivator, Steve always had the energy to get me going when things were down.

The Experts who helped us plan everything

Derek A. Parent, A famous guide and author of a book on the jungle of La Moskitia in Honduras. Derek has been an amazing source of information for one of the most important jungle sections of our expedition. (we intend to spend 6 months in this rainforest. We will meet Derek there in summer 99).

Luke Shullenberger

Luke probably didn't know what he was getting into when he became a member of CASKE 2000. Throughout the last year, he's learned that planning can be has hard and demanding as the expedition itself. Our ski races and mountaineering expeditions had not prepared him for thee intensity of work and pressure with all the sleepless nights I was going to put him through. He probably understands now that inspite of the nice guy people think I am, if  I get things done it's because I'm very intense and not always easy to be around. Luke has adapted amazingly to this new lifestyle I imposed on him and to all the pressure. I feel lucky. I couldn't have a better expedition partner. Thanks for hanging in with me through all this Luke.

All the other people

What Luke had to go through (the pressure and intensity), all the other people around me had to take their share too. I thank them all for their patience, understanding and encouragement.

You all are part of the CASKE 2000 team

Our book is currently being edited and should be published in 2004.
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