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Central American Sea Kayak Expedition
Dispelling the Crocodile Myth

7/25/99 by Jean-Philippe Soule

Jacares, the south american alligator are seen sleeping under the mid-day sun. This one wasn't asleep, we caught it and just released it back and it was showing us his teeth as a sign of unhappiness.

With its open mouth, it's telling J-Philippe that he is close enough


Pantanal guide Paulo doesn't hesitate to catch alligators with his bare hands

"Make sure you keep a good grip just behind the head where the skin is the softest"

The powerful jaw is armed with razor sharp teeth

With a lasso and a wood stick, Paulo caught the alligator

When the alligator touched the ground, it gave a good fight, whipping its tail.

The powerful tale is sharp and can be dangerous in the water


Paulo: "I can't lift it up!" ...  J-P: "Don't worry, you catch it and I'll carry it!"

J-Philippe carrying an alligator

220 Lbs. and 8 1/2 foot long. This is the biggest one we caught.

After releasing it, the alligator didn't return to the water, it stayed in a warning position whistling at us

Small alligator in a middle of a floating bed of flowers

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